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Kenji Mase
Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University

School of Informatics


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n  Past Events

+ Invited Talk
"e-Coaching: Wearable and Ubiquitous Sensing and Life-logging for Coaching", International Symposium on IT, Seoul National University. Seoul Korea, June 7, 2014.

+ Invited Talk, Ohbu-city Health Seminar, 2014/7/12

+ Invited Talk  "E-coaching: Wearable and Ubiquitous Sensing and Life-logging for Coaching ", JSPS UK/Japan Symposium on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, University of Edinburg, 2014.11.10

+ Invited Talk, SIG on E-textile Textile machinery Society of Japan, , Osaka, 2014.12.1

+ Invited Lecture, Technical Lecture Series, IEEE Nagoya Section, JAIST2015.2.3.
+ Gave a talk in an Open Seminar on Fundamental Research, Graduated School of Information Science, Nagoya University (Aug.27, 2011).
+ Gave an invited talk at the Ubicomp 2011 Workshop on CASEMANS, Beijing, China (Sep. 18, 2011)
+ Demonstrated the Peg-Scope Viewer interface for multiple video at the ICMI 2011 Demo session, Alicante, Spain (Nov. 14-18, 2011)
Gave an invited talk at K-forum in Takayama City (Aug. 4-6, 2011)
+ Organized Successfully the JSAI2011 (Japan Society of Artificial Intelligence) Annual Meeting in Morioka (June 1-3, 2011)


n  Research Funds

+ JSPS Grant-in-aid (B) (2014-) [e-coaching]
+ JST COI Stream Nagoya (2014-) [health and welfare empowerment]
+ NICT Project Research on Ultra-reality-communication Technology, “3D End-to-end communication” (2012-2016.3) [free viewpoint viewer and soccer player tracking]
+ Aichi Center hub of Knowledge, Research Project, “Ultimate Wearable Computer for Healthcare” ASTF (2010-2016.3) [e-textile pressure sensor sheet and spirometer stretch sensor]
+ JST CREST Takeda Team
+ Joint research sponsorship by the Aichi Science & Technology Foundation (ASTF) (July, 2011) [manufacturing skill training assessment system]


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Kenji Mase, Ph.D.
Professor, Nagoya University

Graduate School of Information Science


Chikusa, Nagoya, 464-8601 JAPAN

Phone/fax: 81-52-789-5898

e-mail: mase AT is.nagoya-u.ac.jp (AT=@)

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